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Andrey Shirben Joins As Investor

Decentralized application playstore,, has recently made a noteworthy announcement regarding its latest addition of an investor. Andrey Shirben, a renowned serial entrepreneur and investor, has been welcomed on board.

Mr. Shirben’s impressive background includes being the founder of SYD Ventures, a venture company that invests in early-stage start-ups, as well as the co-founder of Follow The Seed, a data-driven global VC fund for companies seeking post-seed investment.

With over 100 start-up investments and experience in setting up global markets, online marketing, business development, and commercialization, Andrey has established himself as a notable figure in the industry. Furthermore, his technical expertise combined with his business acumen skills makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Andrey Shirben’s dedication to entrepreneurship has led him to almost exclusively focus on the blockchain space and the disruption of traditional finance. He is a strong advocate for informed investment decisions, having developed a two data-driven methodology to guide his approach.

Through his work at Follow The Seed, Andrey is seeking to support ground-breaking ideas and technologies that will contribute to a decentralized economy. His focus areas include DeFi, Metaverse, Infrastructure, Base Layer, GameFi, NFT, Blockchain, and Crypto.

Over the past nine years, Follow The Seed has done the necessary groundwork and established its own infrastructure for trading, market making, portfolio management, and other relevant tools and projects. They are actively involved in partnership building, advisory roles, responsible liquidation, network exposure, structuring capital rounds, and tokenomics design.

Andrey Shirben’s enthusiasm for innovative ideas is well-known, and we at are extremely grateful to have him on board. His expertise in the blockchain space and experience in making informed investment decisions will undoubtedly prove valuable as we work towards creating a financially sustainable ecosystem that benefits our entire community.