Announcement Marks the End of Preseed Round of Funding

We,, are extremely excited to announce that we have successfully closed the preseed funding round with 36 of the finest investors in Web3. These investors have themselves had a track record of being the best in their chosen domains, be it design, security, quantitative analysis, or technology. As we come one step closer to the beta launch of, we would like to introduce you to dapps once again and what it is that makes dapps the next big thing in Web3. 

What is is a one-stop shop for everything related to Web3, from decentralized exchanges and apps to NFT marketplaces and smart contract dapps. It is an open-source platform that enables developers to scale their decentralized creations, monetize them for their own good, and disrupt the Web3 space for good. Our founders realized the loopholes that exist in Web3 and defi and how these factors are limiting the adoption of Web3 by inhibiting the discoverability of the decentralized apps and blocking the communication between different chains and hence dapps. This is when, they decided to build dapps, a decentralized dapp store that not only enhances the interoperability of different decentralized applications but also enables on-chain communication. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Features of

There are five core features of dapps that make it stand taller than anything that has ever appeared in Web3. These features are interoperability, communication, identity layer, commerce layer, and open-source nature. Let’s now see how dapps is achieving this.


Thanks to the cross-chain bridge SETU, enables interoperability between different chains like BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, etc. Therefore, users don’t have to go back and forth in order to perform simple as well as complex operations on dapps. With help from our partners at router protocol, SETU would enable developers to seamlessly onboard users irrespective of chain or infrastructure.


Secondly, dapps is offering a very unique feature of on-chain communication which will happen seamlessly across different chains and decentralized applications. This would allow developers to increase their user retention by sending transactional and promotional notifications to their users.

Identity Layer

Next, we have the identity layer which is being offered to the dapps features on This would allow developers to personalize the experience of their users based on user behavior, derived from their on-chain activity and interaction within the dapps protocol. 

This layer will serve as a facebook pixel for web3, enabling advertisers to target users based on their on chain behavior. These tokens will help the dapps establish their unique identity on the chain. 

Commerce Layer

Dapps will allow Web2 companies to get started with Web3 and provide all the services that they have been previously offering, through blockchain and defi solutions. 

Programabally open source

Since is an open source platform, it aims to provide free reign to developers to scale the usability of dapps and build on top of it. This makes the first and the most attractive choice for developers. 

Meet our investors

We are eternally grateful for having all these brilliant minds as our backers. 

Starting from top left

Anshul Dhir (Founder @Easyfi), Ajeet Khurana (Marquee Angel Investor), Keyur Shah (Ex-CFO @Polygon), Naimish Sanghvi (Prominent Influencer), Vishnu Korde (Founder @DeployonStackOS), Nischal Shetty (Founder @WazirX),  Vikas Singh (Founder @BlivClub), Prasoon Agrawal (Founder @BornToDieGame), Kashif Raza (Prominent Influencer), Raghu Mohan (Founder @BuidlersTribe), David Atkinson (Founder @HoloChain), Ramani Ramchandran (Co-founder @Dfyn and Router Protocol), Jagdish Pandya(Founder, Blockon), Andrey Shirben (Marquee Investor), Vijay Praveen (Co-founder @bitsCrunch), Gopi Kanappan (Co-founder @bitsCrunch), Ankitt Gaur (Co-founder @Easyfi), Kumar Guarav (Founder @yourCashaa), Pranav (GP @Woodstockfund), Pushpendra (Prominent Influencer), Manan Vora (Liminal), Jason Rodrigues (Partner @Celo Foundation), Chandan Chaudhary (Founder @RouterProtocol), Ankit Verma (CEO @Mudrex), Bharat Verma (Founder @Derived Finance), cryptodaku(Prominent Influencer) among others.

Happy Dapp-ing!