Announcement & Onmeta Collab Offers Zero Fees On 5ire Domains

Onmeta and DApps Soul have teamed up to offer a zero percent fee on .5ire domains for the entire month of May. The month-long partnership between Onmeta and DApps Soul is set to revolutionize the way users interact with decentralized applications.

By providing unique and secure identities for dApps through the .5ire domain extension, DApps Soul ensures that users can easily register and manage their domain names and decentralized identities across all blockchains. This partnership is especially beneficial for users who want to transact in cryptocurrency using fiat currency. Onmeta’s platform is user-friendly, and it simplifies the cryptocurrency buying process.

DApps Soul’s domain name system is designed to be interoperable across all blockchains. This ensures seamless integration and interaction between different dApps and blockchain networks. Each domain registration comes with an NFT that represents ownership of the domain. Users can trade the NFTs on platforms like OpenSea. Additionally, users can configure DIDs with DNS details, enabling them to host websites on their registered domains. This level of versatility and functionality makes DApps Soul a highly user-friendly platform.

Sustainability and social impact are at the core of the 5ire ecosystem. It incentivizes activities aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The creators of this ecosystem have built it on a fifth-generation layer-1 blockchain, which ensures economic and environmental sustainability. With the shift from a for-profit economy to a for-benefit economy, 5ire promotes activities that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

In conclusion, the partnership between Onmeta and DApps Soul offers a unique opportunity for users to register and manage domain names and decentralized identities across all blockchains. Integrating NFTs and DNS configuration makes DApps Soul a versatile and user-friendly platform. Meanwhile, the 5ire ecosystem promotes sustainability and social impact. This partnership is a step towards a more sustainable and user-friendly decentralized future.

About Onmeta:

Onmeta is a revolutionary platform that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using fiat currency. It constantly improves the platform to make the cryptocurrency buying process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

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