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List Of The Top dApps On The Binance Smart Chain In 2023

Launched in September of 2020, Binance released Binance Smart Chain to enable programmability and interoperability to Binance Chain. Since Ethereum was unable to process the high number of transactions that the growing DeFi ecosystem demanded, Binance Smart Chain supports DApps and other large-scale applications, including GameFi, SocialFi, and the Metaverse. 

As the number of projects expands on the Binance Smart Chain, we have curated a list of the platform’s top-performing dApps. The following are the best dApps on Binance Smart Chain:


Biswap is the market’s first DEX platform featuring a Multi-type Referral Program and the lowest platform transaction fees. It is a decentralized exchange platform on the BNB Chain network for exchanging BEP-20 tokens. This network ensures higher speed and much cheaper network transaction costs.


MDEX supports BSC, HECO, and ETH’s decentralized cross-chain transaction protocols and is ranked first in CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko’s DEX rankings. MDEX.COM combines the many advantages of the core public chains in a unique way, resulting in a well-rounded and composite DEX environment with high performance. The “dual mining” method of liquidity mining and transaction mining maximizes rewards for participants. In contrast, the transaction fee “repurchase and burn” mechanism creates a closed and self-driven value capture loop. It is powered by the HECO, ETH, and Binance Smart Chains (BSC). MDEX Bridge allows users to achieve cross-chain interoperability between HECO, ETH, and BSC.

Dopple Finance

Dopple Finance is a Binance Smart Chain Stablecoin DeFi ecosystem, whose core product is a decentralized stablecoin exchange that allows users to swap stablecoins and pegged assets at the highest rate possible. BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC, UST, TUSD, USDN, DOLLY, and KUSD are currently supported by Dopple Finance.

By contributing funds to the underlying liquidity pools, liquidity providers receive trading fees in stablecoins. Farming LP tokens or staking Dopple tokens can earn Liquidity Providers Dopple tokens as additional benefits.


ApeSwap is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools for exploring and engaging with the future of wealth creation. It is managed by the ApeSwap Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Their community and partners can have access to the next wave of financial innovation through our secure, transparent, and internationally accessible decentralized exchange, utility token staking, premium launchpad, lending network, and NFT projects.

Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol on the BNB Chain, allowing for leveraged yield farming. It assists lenders in earning safe and predictable yields while also providing borrowers with undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, greatly expanding their farming principles and profits. ‌

Alpaca, as an enabler for the entire DeFi ecosystem, boosts the liquidity layer of integrated exchanges, enhancing capital efficiency by connecting LP borrowers and lenders. Through this enabling function, Alpaca has become a crucial building piece within DeFi, assisting in bringing the power of finance to the fingertips of everyone.


BetFury is an ideal platform with exclusive in-house-produced games, numerous features, and incredible crypto partnerships. Over the course of three years, we were able to develop a system in which everyone may find their key to earning cryptocurrency and acquiring the zen of relaxing.

The BetFury team has brought together crypto enthusiasts from all around the world, all united in the goal of expanding iGaming and doing all possible to make your experience amazing.

They want to build a larger, more profitable, successful, and pleasant platform for everyone. As a result, the platform combines the most advanced blockchain development capabilities with an off-chain betting system to give various benefits, including platform scaling, low fees, minimum bets, and quick transactions.


Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse environment designed specifically for bitcoin users and projects. Torum’s Web 3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform, as well as a yield farming hub for DeFi players, an NFT marketplace for crypto artists, and Avatar NFT for Metaverse fans. Torum wants to be an open, safe, and integrated discussion and networking platform for bitcoin users.


Akropolis’ purpose is to offer everyone the tools they need to save, grow, and provide for their future without relying on a central counterparty or falling victim to the predatory financial tactics of many middlemen.

Its goal is to develop yield-generating products that do not rely solely on inflationary emissions for yield and that generate returns regardless of market situations.


Rubic is a cross-chain tech aggregator for users and decentralized applications. Its new umbrella SDK will collect the greatest Web3 cross-chain technology – from signals and oracles to tokens and NFT bridges – in ready-made templates for DEXs, Lending/Farms, and more. This will make it easier for developers to create cross-chain Web3 dApps, independent of their function.

Rubic currently collects 26 major blockchains, 90+ DEXs, and bridges, and enables the switching of 15,500+ assets in one click with the greatest rates, liquidity, and transaction speeds.


BurgerSwap is the first cross-chain aggregator that combines rates and prices from the leading DEXs and CEXs. By combining the switch protocol, BurgerSwap has integrated CEXs, DEXs, and DeFi deals into a single platform, allowing users to access any digital asset or transfer funds between any chains at the best prices in one platform.


HunnyPlay is a gaming playground that integrates all payments on BSC for a transparent and secure online gaming experience. HunnyPlay contains a plethora of games such as Slots, Bingo, Money Wheel, Deal or No Deal, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo, Poker, RNG, and LIVE casino games.

HunnyPlay now accepts a variety of currencies. To begin, customers must make a deposit in order to play the game. While in-game, the value of your selected currency will be displayed as USD, and you can play the game as if you were using USD.


PancakeSwap is the market’s largest decentralized exchange on BNB Smart Chain, with significantly higher trading volumes and lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin. Unlike centralized exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase, PancakeSwap does not retain your funds when you trade and allows you to own 100% of your own cryptocurrency.

Era 7

Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-style trading card game (TCG) created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by a team of key blockchain technicians and employees of well-known casual game creation businesses.

This is an addicting yet cutting-edge card-trading game that employs a revolutionary new gaming mechanism. This game becomes thrillingly immersive with the right combination of fighting and strategy and is divided into several three-minute games.


IguVerse is developing a pet-centric Play to Earn social-network game that integrates three popular game principles into one app: unique Socialize To Earn, fashionable Move to Earn, and traditional Play to Earn.

IguVerse achieves a breakthrough in the Web3 gaming business by incorporating social and community features into GameFi software. It is a novel concept that allows pet owners all over the world to join forces in one app and earn bitcoin by going about their daily social media routine.

Position Exchange

Position Exchange is a decentralized trading and exchange platform that aims to deliver a transparent, trustless, and fully on-chain trading environment. Its core is an on-chain order book matching engine, which allows traders to have full control over their orders while minimizing transaction costs and maintaining the same trading experience as a Centralized Exchange.

It is designed for EVM blockchains and is entirely permissionless. Partners can collaborate with Position Exchange’s on-chain central order book to share liquidity and enable innovative user experiences.


SecondLive serves as a hub for Metaverse residents. Over 1 million users have gathered here to enable self-expression, unleash creativity, and construct a dreaming parallel reality. SecondLive, led by Binance Labs, is an expert in creating virtual spaces for large-scale events and establishing Metaverse infrastructure. SecondLive will build a Web3 open Metaverse with UGC and AI-generated content that will serve 1 billion people.


BinaryX, which was launched in May 2021 as a decentralized derivatives contract based on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, shifted its focus from allowing users to trade binary options and become automated market makers (AMM) to giving new blockchain game creators with an improved NFT asset trading platform, in addition to a  high-speed sidechain designed specifically for the GameFi company.

It aims to deliver an IGO (Initial Game Offering) platform that assists great games in raising and attracting traffic.

X World Games

X World Games (“XWG”), founded in 2018, seeks to create the next-generation decentralized gaming metaverse. The objective of X World Games is to create and provide the underlying blockchain infrastructure to construct a diverse gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world and invites more game creators into the crypto sector.

X World Games presently serves over 2 million registered gamers and has swiftly become the fastest-growing crypto gaming platform in the ecosystem, thanks to its gaming innovation, crypto game – Dream Card & Hero Card, Metaverse entertainment – Dream Idols, NFT Marketplace, and DeFi Pool.

Tiny World

Tiny World is a blockchain game universe that blends NFT, DeFi, and Gaming to provide users with a genuinely breathtaking experience. Begin your amazing journey by collecting over 100 Tiny Hero NFTs. To fulfill your play-to-earn experience, battle your way to the top of the leaderboards or tackle the dungeons. Stake your tokens and fantastic NFTs for a new way to make money with the platform’s DeFi offerings.

Users can earn money via yield farming with assets in Tiny Farm, collecting Tiny NFTs and selling them on the marketplace, staking token to get benefits via playing and voting, playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes, and trading Items to earn profits in Tiny games.


PinkSale is a decentralized launchpad that allows users to make their own initial token sale and launch their own token. There is no need for coding experience; simply navigate to our terminal and design your own token in a few clicks. PinkSale provides a number of additional features to assist you with the overall token launch, including an automatic listing of your token on PancakeSwap, UniSwap, ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, KuSwap, QuickSwap, and MM Finance, as well as the ability to lock your LP and add an optional vesting period for your tokens.