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New Cryptocurrency Projects to Consider in 2023

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is the best new cryptocurrency launch for 2023. This project is aiming to reshape the way we game with cryptocurrencies by creating truly immersive and enjoyable games rather than just concentrating on drawing people in with the sole purpose of earning rewards.

The guild is backed by the hot new crypto token MEMAG, which is now on presale. Those looking for the best new crypto launches can place an order to buy MEMAG now and lock in the presale price. Tokens will be $0.007 throughout the first stage of the campaign.

Interest is certainly high, as the project raised over $130,000 within the first 48 hours of its presale launch.

During the next stage of presale, MEMAG will still be available at a discounted price; however, investors will pay $0.01 per token. Meta Masters Guild has no reason not to take off, especially with playable NFTs thrown in.

The project has released information on its mission, which is to bring mobile-centric Web3 gaming to the masses. According to the project’s social media feed, the first title that will be released is Meta Kart Racers.

There’s also Axel, a rock star who competes in the racing championship in pursuit of glory. Anon, on the other hand, is a rebellious punk who loves to hit the pavement, and Rocky the Apeman is the face of the game.

The P2E philosophy will continue with the release of a turn-based game called Raid NFT. This is primarily a fighting game. Players will select an avatar from one of the warrior classes and engage in combat in one of the many immersive hostile environments.

In all of the games offered by Meta Masters Guild, players can earn GEMS, as well as in-game NFTs. Rewards are offered for completing challenges, leveling up during gameplay, and more.

Importantly, the creators of MEMAG believe in a fair market when it comes to crypto gaming. As such, instead of only allowing GEMS to be used on the platform, they can be exchanged for MEMAG tokens.

Then, MEMAG can be swapped for currencies such as ETH or USDT, allowing the player to convert their rewards into usable funds. Investors will find plenty of information in the MEMAG white paper.

2. Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out is preparing for an exciting new cryptocurrency release in 2023. The project is on a mission to shake up the fitness industry by creating a web3 M2E (move to earn) ecosystem. The M2E trend is likely to grow rapidly as we all search for new ways to earn free cryptocurrencies.

We think Fight Out will be behind the biggest new cryptocurrency launch in 2023. The ecosystem will include a community, personalized workouts, tournaments, and one of the best metaverse apps. There will also be numerous ways for individuals to earn free cryptocurrencies.

In terms of the latter, the community will be rewarded for adopting a comprehensive approach to fitness. This will be possible through the M2E and Fight Out training programs. Users can realize their fitness objectives in the areas of strength, cardio, general well-being, and endurance.

The end-to-end process will be personalized at Fight Out. For instance, users can specify that they want to increase their muscle gain, general health, shed weight, and more. Online lessons with live remote access will be available through Fight Out.

These courses will concentrate on sports nutrition, fight IQ, footwork, combat IQ, and many other subjects. Every user will be able to mint their own avatar NFT as well as buy and customize accessories with FGHT.

REPS is another currency used by the platform. It is used for rewards but can also be used to make purchases The project has recently announced that it plans to lock up 50% of the total supply of FGHT over the next five years.

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The idea is to prevent large-scale sell-offs while maintaining a stable long-term value for FGHT. The FGHT presale campaign has raised close to $2.9 million as of this writing, and it hasn’t even embarked on stage two yet.

The cost of FGHT tokens is $0.0166 at this point. When the $5 million target has been achieved, the presale moves onto stage two, and token prices increase once more. This will continue until Fight Out is listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.

3. C+ Charge

If cryptocurrencies have long been blamed for their unfair share of the carbon footprint, things are looking green now. We’re not just talking about the move to proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms. But blockchain-based projects are coming with unique use cases dedicated to healing the planet. A good example is C+charge, a robust peer-to-peer (P2P) payment and charging ecosystem for EV charging stations.

C+Charge is simplifying the EV market by:

  • C+Charge uses a blockchain-based network and app to make the industry more open and transparent, especially about prices.
  • C+Charge is the first EV charging solution that rewards drivers with carbon credits for utilizing the C+Charge network. EV owners can earn carbon credits by charging their EVs using the C+Charge network and utility token.
  • The C+Charge network and app will be OCPP 2.0 compatible.
  • which allows its integration with the universal standard for charging stations. In other words, C+Charge can potentially be integrated into over 1.8 million charging stations across the globe.
  • C+Charge’s “reflection” program will allow token holders to accumulate carbon credits, where 1% of the transactions will be used to purchase carbon credits and distributed to token holders proportionately.
  • It has partnered with major EV manufacturers and operators to usher in crypto-powered energy.

4. Eye AI

Another project gearing up for a public launch is Eye AI, a free-to-use Telegram bot that provides access to Chat GTP and Dall-E via chat commands. The project’s goal is to integrate artificial intelligence into human activities and business situations. Given that there is a great need for highly autonomous systems that maintain standardization, Eye AI holds great potential for growth in the coming years.
Eye AI recently launched a presale, which witnessed impressive traction from both crypto and non-crypto communities. The project’s development will progress in full swing in 2023, with various partnerships and integrations. It is also interesting to note that the project donates 1% of the EYE-AI BEP20 tokens to AI-related institutions.

5. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Investors who wish to consider all factors before making a decision about which coins to invest in will find the Dash 2 Trade platform to be the ideal place for doing so. A trading signal is crucial to determining when it is time to buy or hold the crypto. In addition, there is also social sentiment and on-chain analysis that can make investing easy. All of this is available on the Dash 2 Trade platform, along with the top listings, top coins in presale, audit, score, and all the other information that an investor needs to make a good decision.

Due to the highly successful progress of the presale, the planned period for it was reduced, and we can expect it to finish on January 11th. The announced listings that will go live once the presale ends are LBank, BitMart, and Changelly. With such useful features, we can expect the price of D2T tokens to explode, so make sure you buy the tokens now while the price is still affordable!

6. Calvaria ($RIA)

Calvaria, a new ecosystem, will be available to crypto enthusiasts keen to explore something new and passionate players who wish to discover the secrets of this fascinating world. It is a card game that will allow players to participate in tournaments. The cards will represent various characters and will have a unique set of abilities.

Calvaria is a competitive game with an element of strategy, and the players’ goal will be to outsmart the other players to win. Calvaria is different from other card games because the players will own the assets and resources. Owners will be able to sell their cards, which could bring in earnings. Tokens will help the users fully use all the benefits within the game. This token is currently available for presale, so make sure you get your portion of tokens in time!

7. RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra is another hot new crypto project to invest in after it launched its token presale in November 2022.

$TARO is on sale in the first presale stage at $0.02 and is among the best new cryptocurrencies to buy now, with the second stage increasing the coin’s value to $0.025 and the third stage to $0.032.

That means early investors will see a guaranteed 60% increase in value before the coin is listed on any major exchanges or reaches the wider public.

Only 270 million tokens (15% of the 1.8 billion max supply) will be available during the presale, with a hard cap of just $7 million.

Since P2E Tokens generally perform better than other altcoins in bear markets, investors should join this project now, as an exchange listing may increase the coin’s value significantly. RobotEra requires players to reconstruct the destroyed planet Taro with robot NFT avatars. Players purchase land and embellish it with in-game assets, buildings, and infrastructure to increase its value. The game also rewards players with $TARO tokens for mining minerals, participating in concerts, and even hosting events; advertising billboards can also be erected, which can be monetized.

The game further rewards players for building robot NFT companions, which are customizable and can be edited with in-game tools to make them unique. Both the robot and metaverse land plot NFTs can later be exchanged for fiat currencies. 

Developed as an LBank Labs project, customizing robots and building land NFTs will not need any special coding knowledge and can be done with in-game tools. The scripting language will allow for a wide range of capabilities, and RobotEra developers expect new use cases and features to come out over time as players make the ecosystem their own.

RobotEra also enables players to earn passive income by staking $TARO tokens, which is crucial for restructuring Taro in the game.

8. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is an exciting P2E game that is part of a compelling new metaverse and NFT-centric ecosystem. The platform’s token is TAMA, which is a deflationary meme cryptocurrency with utility, and has been pumping since the start of 2023, with huge utility on the way.

The project has released its first two Tamadoge Arcade games, Super Doge and Rocket Doge, which have both received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community. The fun and addictive platform games are both available free-to-play and play-to-win, with players working their way up a leaderboard to win weekly and monthly prizes. They are the first two of five Tamadoge Arcade games to release, with the main Tamadoge game and an augmented reality app to come later in 2023.

Amid the release of the game, TAMA tokens have soared more than 50% since the turn of the year, and the Tamadoge NFT collection, which is needed for players to play the main game – has a floor price of 2.5 ETH for its Ultra-Rare Pets. Common pets are available for just 0.2 ETH. When looking for new crypto today, it’s important that investors familiarize themselves with the project and the token’s use cases, if any. As we touched on, TAMA is a meme-come-dog token with a difference.

TAMA distinguishes itself from other popular meme currencies like Dogecoin, or shitcoins as they are sometimes called, by having a high level of practical utility. The Tamadoge ecosystem includes a P2E game comparable to Tamagotchi. As one of the best gaming cryptos, players can train and care for their own digital pets. They can level them up, earn digital currencies, battle against others, and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Pets are represented by NFTs, which means players will take ownership of them outside of the game.

This allows players to train, breed, and play with their own pets, increasing their value within the game. Players can also mint, swap, buy, and sell pets, as well as purchase virtual food, toys, and treats for them in the Tamadoge marketplace, dubbed the pet store. The project also has a doxxed team and has had its KYC verification completed and verified by CoinSniper, where it has been named a top new project – and its smart contract audited by SolidProof.

Unlike other meme coins such as Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, which have massive and ever-increasing supplies of coins, TAMA has a strict supply of just 2 billion coins and a deflationary mechanism that will see 5% of every pet store transaction burned.

Here was the exciting and new crypto currencies that are already making a roar in 2023. Follow along for Part 2.