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Pushpendra Singh – The Man Behind SmartViewAI

Pushpendra Singh is a well-known name in the crypto and blockchain communities, and for good reason. With over 10 years of software development experience, he has made a significant impact in the industry, particularly in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain applications. As the founder of SmartViewAi.com and Pushpendra Tech, Pushpendra has been a vocal advocate for the importance of blockchain technology, DeFi, NFTs, and AI.


He has been particularly interested in raising awareness about the potential of DeFi to revolutionize the financial system and bring greater financial inclusion to people around the world. Pushpendra is also an accomplished content creator and educator, with a popular YouTube channel that he started in 2013. With over 307k subscribers, his channel has become a go-to destination for crypto updates and resources.

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His videos cover a wide range of topics, including blockchain technology, programming, and cryptocurrency markets. He has a knack for explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, making him an excellent teacher and resource for the crypto community.

Pushpendra’s enthusiasm for blockchain technology and its transformative potential has prompted him to sponsor a number of crypto ventures. One of these projects is us at dapps.co, a platform that assists developers in creating decentralized applications (dApps) and connecting with users worldwide. Pushpendra is a wonderful partner for dApps.co due to his extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, desire to teach the masses about it, and software development expertise.

As a web3 legend, Pushpendra is guiding the transformation of web3 communication for dApps in an effort to reach millions of users worldwide. His ideas on how blockchain technology and DeFi could be used in the future are incredibly beneficial, and his ability to explain these concepts to a wide variety of individuals makes him an asset to any project.

Pushpendra’s contributions to the crypto and blockchain industries have been extensively acknowledged, and he is highly esteemed for his efforts. His dedication to educating and encouraging people in the field has been particularly inspiring, and he remains a driving force in the business for everyone. Pushpendra Singh is a crypto influencer, entrepreneur, educator, and blockchain technology and DeFi enthusiast.

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With his considerable background in software development and enthusiasm for the possibilities of blockchain technology, he has made a substantial contribution to the sector. His efforts with dApps.co are transforming web3 communication and reaching millions of users worldwide. It is fascinating to anticipate Pushpendra’s future contributions to the crypto and blockchain industries.