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Top 20 dApps On Shardeum Ecosystem You Should Know Of 

Shardeum is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible smart contract platform that uses dynamic state sharding to scale linearly while maintaining real decentralization and strong security.

The Shardeum project aims to reward ecosystem projects to create innovative new applications on the platform as well as port popular applications developed on other platforms.

The Shardeum ecosystem is growing. Currently, it has over 60 dApps on the platform ranging from finance to NFTs, to utilities, and more! Let us explore the top dApps on Shardeum in this brief guide.


Ganache is a private blockchain for the quick creation of Corda and Ethereum-distributed applications. Ganache may be used throughout the whole development cycle, allowing you to create, distribute, and test your dApps in a secure and predictable setting.

A UI and CLI are the two kinds of ganache. A desktop program called Ganache UI supports both Corda and Ethereum. For Ethereum development, we offer ganache, a more powerful command-line tool.

Remix IDE

Users of all skill levels use the Remix IDE during the full process of developing a smart contract. It has no setup requirements, promotes a quick development cycle, and includes a wide variety of plugins with user-friendly GUIs. The IDE is available as a desktop software or web app as well as a VSCode extension.


The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a collection of assemblable peer-to-peer protocols for addressing, routing, and transferring content-addressed data in a decentralized file system. Moreover, IPFS provides the foundation for several well-known Web3 projects.

Although it is a file system, IPFS is not a storage system. Instead, IPFS may be viewed as both the decentralized network made up of individual nodes that are running protocol implementations (such as Kubo) and the protocol implementations themselves, such as those used by Kubo.


Build Bandits club is a community of people who believe in true decentralization. A totally decentralized NFT PFP project, The Bandits club NFT collection is anticipated to rank among the top 10 NFT projects worldwide. Users can use Bandit to create platforms that will fully decentralize Web 3.0. Creating the largest truly decentralized INO (Initial NFT offering) platform in the world will be the first step in helping developers create a truly decentralized ecosystem by giving them simple access to the web 3.0 community and community funds!


With Lighthouse’s perpetual file storage technique, users only need to pay once to store all of their data. Lighthouse takes care of this for users instead of them having to continuously keep track of and pay for the file storage after every set amount of time. It ensures that user files are kept on file indefinitely.

The goal is to switch customers over to a permanent storage model from a rent-based cost model where they rent their data on cloud storage. It is built on top of IPFS and Filecoin, with the ability to deploy smart contracts on a variety of chains, including Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, and FVM, among others.

It makes use of the IPFS content-addressing technology, the filecoin network’s storage capacity, and the miner network.


A decentralized multichain cryptocurrency wallet, BitKeep, offers a complete package that includes Wallet, Swap, NFT Market, DApp Browser, and Launchpad. Our goal is to create the biggest decentralized Web3 crypto wallet in the world while giving every user a secure and simple trading experience. BitKeep Global Inc., which was established in Singapore in May 2018 and today services more than 8 million customers globally across 168 nations in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

BitKeep is the largest decentralized wallet in the Asian market. Dragonfly, a cryptocurrency venture capital firm, took the lead in the most recent round of funding for BitKeep, followed by Gaorong Capital, Foresight Venture, Sincere Truth, Bixin Capital, SevenX Ventures, and others.

Shardian Boos Baby NFT Collection

Shardian Boss Baby is a collection of 5555 randomly generated portraits curated NFTs that exist on the Shardeum Blockchain. Holders of Shardian Boss Baby are allowed to participate in exclusive events including NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, and so on.


ShardeumSwap, the first Dapp on the Shardeum ecosystem is a decentralized exchange (DEx) that promises to give its users a safe environment for cryptocurrency trading. In order to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and to spread awareness of its many advantages, SSwap wants to assist the general public.


For Ethereum software, Hardhat serves as the development environment. It has many parts that may be used to edit, compile, debug, and deploy your dApps and smart contracts, together with other parts, to make a full development environment.

Your primary point of contact when using Hardhat is the Hardhat Runner. It is a modular and extendable task runner that aids in managing and automating the ongoing processes necessary for creating smart contracts and dApps.


The Shardeum blockchain now hosts a brand-new decentralized trading platform called SharDex, which strives to give consumers the finest on-chain asset trading experience.

Offerings include Bridge, Swap, NFT Marketplace, Launchpad, DAO, and other asset management tools. These features make it simple, secure, and economical for users to move assets from other chains to Shardeum and exchange them for new assets.


For Web3 wallets and applications, Web3Auth is a pluggable authentication system. By giving them the experiences they are most familiar with, it speeds up the onboarding of both traditional users and users who are crypto natives to under a minute. Web3Auth produces a common cryptographic key provider that is unique to the user and application by supporting all social logins, native online and mobile platforms, wallets, and other key management techniques.

Crust Network

Decentralization, privacy, and assurance are the three main objectives that Crust Network, a decentralized cloud storage service.  In addition to providing users with immediate access to on-chain storage features, Crust supports a variety of storage-layer protocols, including IPFS. The technology stack of Crust can handle computing and data manipulation as well. Storage of NFT and Metaverse Metadata, personal file storage, and hosting for websites and mobile apps are the three core features of Crust Network.


A historical Yogama temple sits on the highest mountain, conserving the traditional practices of yoga while obtaining the new.

Home to the greatest yoga teachers of all time – a place where anyone who wants to learn the art and lifestyle of yoga could come and be offered the opportunity to improve their mental and physical experience via yoga, taught by the temple’s great masters and founders.

Yogama is committed to community building and believes in providing meaningful experiences for both the body and the mind. Yogama who practice together here is spiritually tied for life, in one of the precious places with a community that has existed since that one instant in time.


Drizzle is a front-end library collection that makes creating dApp front-ends easier and more predictable. Drizzle’s core is based on a Redux store, thus you have access to the fantastic Redux development tools. We handle synchronizing your contract data, transaction data, and other information. Things move quickly because users declare what needs to be kept in sync.


NFT.Storage is a long-term storage service built for off-chain NFT data (such as metadata, photos, and other assets) with a maximum upload size of 31GiB. Data is IPFS-addressed content, which means that the URI pointing to a piece of the item (“ipfs:/…”) is totally unique to that data (using a content identifier, or CID). IPFS URLs and CIDs can be used in NFTs and metadata to ensure that the NFT always refers to the desired data (eliminating things like rug pulls and making it trustlessly verifiable what content an NFT is associated with).


Bubbleswap is a concentrated liquidity protocol (CLMM) that allows LPs to choose their liquidity within a price range rather than uniformly over the pool’s whole price curve, as well as to optimize earnings by selecting Multiple fee tiers. And it provides liquidity farming and trading rewards, significantly raising LP earnings while providing superior depth and lower temporary loss for traders.

Bubbleswap operates on Ethereum & Aptos that supports these core features:

  • Concentrated Liquidity
  • Multiple Fee Tiers
  • Yield Farming
  • Real Yield
  • Trading Rewards


Pinata is the top multimedia center for NFTs and other forms of creative content. We’ve been powering the web3 world with IPFS storage and NFT media management since 2018. We are deeply committed to assisting users in achieving creative freedom. Pinata is delighted to support and establish a home for all artists and builders as more people realize the latent worth of the NFT market.


IceCreamSwap allows anyone to trade any token across various chains. A very user-friendly interface allows both new and seasoned DeFi users to fully immerse themselves in the world of cryptocurrency trading. As the first DEX to use route splitting, the best possible output with the least amount of slippage is guaranteed.

IceCreamSwap enables direct linkage between several chains. The IceCream Bridge will be even safer than the certified and battle-tested code it is built on thanks to an innovative technique of a second (redundant) security layer. All bridge reserves are visible on the blockchain and may be checked at any moment. The Bridge will support raw data and NFTs due to its ubiquitous implementation.

Xade Finance

Xade is a hybrid solution between traditional banks and DeFi in which we deliver all traditional bank banking services enabled by our in-house unique DeFi protocols with a user experience indistinguishable from a digital bank.

They have designed a fantastic mobile application that allows you to send payments globally in several stablecoins as well as 5+ Fiat levels to emails and cell numbers with zero fees and rapid settlements regardless of whether the recipient has a wallet or not.


Wagmi is a set of React Hooks that includes everything you need to get started with Ethereum. With caching, request deduplication, and persistence, Wagmi makes it simple to “Connect Wallet,” display ENS and balance information, sign messages, interact with contracts, and much more.

Wagmi supports the following features:

  • 20+ hooks for working with wallets, ENS, contracts, transactions, signing, etc.
  • Built-in wallet connectors for MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Injected, and more
  • Caching, request deduplication, multicall, batching, and persistence
  • Auto-refresh data on wallet, block, and network changes
  • TypeScript ready (infer types from ABIs and EIP-712 Typed Data)
  • Command-line interface for managing ABIs and code generation
  • Test suite running against forked Ethereum network