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Ankitt Gaur-The Mastermind of EasyFi Network

Meet Ankitt Gaur, a global web 3.0 professional and the mastermind behind EasyFi Network, is reigning with a decade of experience in helping large to medium-sized businesses adopt new, upcoming technologies. Ankit is a pioneer in building new age, deep tech-based global businesses and is known for his expertise in new age tech adoption.

Ankitt is also the first Indian resident author on Blockchain Technology from a non-techie perspective. He aims to make blockchain technology more accessible to companies and regular businesses by demystifying the complex technical jargon and highlighting the potential benefits of blockchain adoption. Ankitt’s writing has been instrumental in driving worldwide blockchain adoption and unlocking new possibilities for businesses and individuals.

But Ankitt’s contributions to the blockchain industry don’t end there. He has also worn an educator’s hat as a Blockchain Guest Faculty at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, where he has trained some of the sharpest minds in finance, accounting, and technology on the future of technology and methods of work. Through his teaching, Ankitt has helped shape the next generation of blockchain professionals and enthusiasts.

EasyFi describes itself as a universal layer 2 lending protocol built for DeFi focused on scalability, composability, and adoption. It has been designed as an open network infrastructure to run on public networks to facilitate an end to end lending & borrowing of digital assets and related financial products. The EasyFi network is blockchain agnostic, allowing cross-chain asset settlements. EasyFi uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

The network design is ethereum compatible and blockchain agnostic that facilitates the expeditious settlement of assets over different blockchain networks while retaining custody with the asset owner’s network. The cross-chain framework allows lending & borrowing across a host of markets such as private platforms and permissionless public networks. The network is secured by proof of stake mechanism, governed through participating voters to achieve consensus among network participants.

Ankitt’s work in the blockchain industry has been recognized by many. He has received several awards and accolades, including the prestigious “Top 50 Blockchain Influencers” award from the Blockchain Institute and the “Blockchain Innovation Award” at the India Blockchain Summit.

In conclusion, Ankitt Gaur is a visionary leader in the blockchain industry. His expertise in Web3 and tech adoption, writing, and teaching has helped drive worldwide blockchain adoption and unlock new possibilities for businesses and individuals. Ankitt’s work at Easyfi Network is poised to make a significant impact in the blockchain ecosystem, and we look forward to seeing what he and his team accomplish in the future.