Dapps Bharat Tour

Dapps Bharat Tour – Delhi Chapter Recap

Web3 app store for decentralized applications, Dapps.co, recently hosted their Dapps Barat Tour and we are here to report all the exciting details from their Delhi Chapter.

The event was co-sponsored by 5ire and supported by community partners including UniFarm, Desi Crypto, Recorem, TickETH, and The Product House.

The first workshop began as the registrations closed at around 4 PM on February 25th. Our CEO, Mohit Madan with our COO, Tarusha Mittal, alongside Chief Growth Officer, Bibin Babu from 5ire took the stage to help the audience launch their dapps identity on the 5ire Chain.

While we received some exciting submissions, we have announced our winner here. Read ahead to learn more about the various dApps and how you can upload your ideas on our platform in just a few minutes!

The workshop also included a session on how to mint .5ire domains worth thousands of dollars, followed by a riveting panel discussion with the experts at 5ire.

Additionally, Dapps.co conducted another workshop on ‘How to make money with dapps,’ featuring a prize pool worth thousands of dollars to be won.

After a full day of learning and networking, we concluded the chapter with a few games, snacks, and open mic discussions. The response we received was overwhelming, and we are grateful to our audience, sponsors, community members, and speakers for joining us for the event.

Discover new dApps across finance, entertainment, gaming, and more on the Dapps.co platform. Here is a curated list of our finest submissions:


The winner of our competition with a total of 185 subscribers and counting, HODL stands for Hold On for Dear Life. It is a time-locked wallet where users can send their cryptocurrency and set a HODL time. They can only withdraw their cryptocurrency once the HODL time has passed. Additionally, it helps prevent users from selling their crypto at low prices.

Crypto Meme

Crypto Meme has secured a total of 25 subscribers till now. Released on the 5irechain Network, this decentralized application will feature the latest trends and memes in the industry. Want content that tickles your funny bones? Subscribe now for notifications, the latest updates, and more!

Food Villa

Food Villa is a decentralized application exclusively built for foodies. The dApps currently has 20 subscribers and counting. Subscribe today to stay updated with the latest updates and announcements.

Learn Web3

Learn Web3 is a utility-based decentralized application that enables unlimited resources for users to learn everything in Web3 from industry experts. With no prerequisites, subscribe to the dApp today to keep up with updates and upcoming sessions.

Growth Hacking Idea of the Day

Are you a passionate marketer trying to explore various growth hacks and leverage latest trends to expand your business. Subscribe to Growth Hacking Idea of the Day to stay in touch with latest industry growth tips.

Airdrop Alert Daily

Who doesn’t love airdrops? But, it is challenging to keep up with them and participate. But, here’s your solution – A utility-based decentralized application on the 5irechain Network that reports all hidden Airdrops, free of cost.


BlockBuy is designed for individuals and real estate investors who are looking to purchase a piece of property without having to pay for the entire amount upfront. The concept of selling properties in parts is known as fractional ownership, where multiple investors can share ownership of a single property. Subscribe today for the latest updates!

Want to witness your ideas come to reality? Register your dApp today at Dapps.co. Reach out to us for assistance with uploading your dApps on the platform!

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