Announcement, Our Investors

BlockOn Group’s Jagdish Pandya Joins as Investor and Team Member has announced a significant development regarding its latest investor. Jagdish Pandya, the Chairman of BlockOn Group, a Singapore-based company, has recently joined the team.

Jagdish Pandya is a prominent figure in the world of blockchain and emerging technologies. He is a visionary entrepreneur who has founded several companies in South East Asia and is currently investing in idea/early-stage investment in blockchain and emerging technologies. His current portfolio includes Rapidz, Crebaco, Signy, Decentro, Alluma, Alphax, Airwallet, TUNE Token, and Event Apple.

JP’s passion for growing web3 technology led him to establish several blockchain and emerging technology companies in South East Asia. He envisions incubating and accelerating young startups and taking them to new heights through the incubation program at the Center of Excellence for Blockchain and Emerging Technologies at Blockchain Village in Malaysia.

BlockOn is a worldwide blockchain venture builder/VC firm that provides incubation, acceleration, and advisory support to global innovators in blockchain and emerging technology.

BlockOn helps innovators from seed to sale, guiding them in the development of their ideas and roadmaps, accelerating their development and customer acquisition efforts, connecting them with and securing investments and partnerships, and gaining visibility through online and in-person community-building efforts.

In addition to client services, BlockOn is also a premiere host of the most impactful blockchain events in the ASEAN region and beyond. By partnering with some of the biggest players in the ASEAN government and private sector, and some of the most active communities in the cryptosphere, BlockOn is committed to revolutionizing the world and professionalizing the blockchain space.

JP’s portfolio of companies shows his commitment to supporting and investing in blockchain and emerging technology startups. His expertise and experience will help grow further as an industry leader, and his vision for incubating and accelerating young startups will help bring new innovations to the blockchain and emerging technology space.