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The role of HR in promoting mental health and wellness

Mental health and wellness have become basic issues in the workplace as of late. The World Health Organization gauges that depression and anxiety disorders cost the worldwide economy US$ 1 trillion every year in lost efficiency. Additionally, mental wellness conditions are one of the main sources of incapacity worldwide.

HR is critical in creating a workplace culture that upholds mental health and wellness.

HR professionals can advance employee prosperity by:

  1. Bringing issues to light: HR can teach employees the significance of emotional well-being. HR gives information about mental health conditions and how to get help.
  2. Carrying out Approaches: HR can execute arrangements that advance mental health and wellness. For example, adaptable working hours, employee help projects, and normal sanity registrations.
  3. Offering Help: HR can give resources and backing to employees encountering sanity challenges. For example, admittance to advice, support gatherings, and mental health medical aid preparation.
  4. Making a Protected and Steady Workplace: HR can establish a workplace that focuses on employee prosperity. For example, giving ergonomic workstations, offering healthy bites and beverages, and empowering breaks and exercise.

We should examine what the information says:

  1. As per a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 68% of Indian employees report elevated degrees of business-related pressure.
  2. The National Mental Health Survey of India assessed that roughly 10% of the Indian populace experiences normal mental disorders, like depression and anxiety.
  3. A concentrate by the World Health Organization (WHO) observed that depression is the primary source of handicap in India, and the subsequent driving reason for years lived with incapacity.
  4. As per a report by the World Economic Forum, mental health conditions in India are assessed to cost the economy around USD 1.03 trillion somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2030.
  5. The COVID-19 pandemic essentially affects mental well-being in the workplace, with a survey by LinkedIn finding that 63% of Indian professionals detailed feeling worried and restless because of the pandemic.


HR plays a basic part to play in advancing sanity and wellness in the workplace. By making a strong workplace culture, executing strategies and resources, and giving training and backing. HR can assist employees with keeping up with great sanity and prosperity. With the right methodologies set up, managers can guarantee that their workforce is blissful, healthy, and useful.